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Our onesolutions framework is focused on delivering bespoke experiences for VIP guests using oneboarding, oneplace and onetime. Delivering a frictionless experience, data-driven solutions and feedback in seconds.


Keep track of everyone at your event

Enjoy a frictionless experience using our contactless badges. See when delegates arrive. track the sessions they sign up for and know which sessions they attend in real-time.


Get real-time data and react to changes instantly

All the essential up-to-date event management data you need in one place. You can share insights and data across your entire event team, while events are underway. Allowing you to optimise hospitality and streamline logistics with more accurate visitor data. Now, you can leverage the dashboard’s deep analytics to gain insights and measure ROI.


Join in on the conversation. Stay informed on the things that matter

How well are your speakers performing? Are seminar rooms too hot? Get the feedback you’ve been waiting years for, in seconds. Find out what your attendees think and react with well thought-out solutions. See all event information, cater to capacity, move sessions and notify attendees of changes.

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