Would you trust your event tech to tackle the most sensitive issues?

Event tech is becoming increasingly sophisticated and the most ambitious speakers are waking up to it’s potential to really impact the talks they give. While speakers are waking up to the potential, event organisers in the largest blue chips can be reluctant to use it. Why? Because the topics being debated are so sensitive that data security actually becomes a problem. 

Most of us have seen how voting and interactive polling tech can add drama and excitement to a talk. The speaker introduces the debate and the audience takes part instantly using the personal voting tech they’ve been given or the special app they’ve been asked to download.

But what if the information that audiences are asked to vote on is top secret? What if the audience comprises the top 100 VIP customers and the questions they are being asked are about real strategic business changes that could deliver untold commercial advantage?

That’s pretty sensitive information being collated and, in the wrong hands, it could be anything from embarrassing to ruinous. It’s not hard to find shock stories about data being misused by third-party services. Companies are now having to do their utmost to ensure that the data they collect is not only relevant but is only used for what it was intended for in the first place. 

As the business trusted to support big blue chips with event tech, we have encountered this problem before. So, we’ve worked hard to create interactive voting and polling systems that are safe and highly secure.

“We promise to anonymise all information shared during seminars to protect attendees identity. We encrypt the data we collect, which means no third-party apps are included in our process. We also make sure that the data we collect is deleted as soon as we share our findings with our client,” says Celadin’s Simon Walker.

The entire meeting is managed through the app so when speakers share results to various questions everyone’s identity is protected. Our process also ensures that the data collected is not shared with any third-party app and is used only for its intended purpose, research.

The trend of using interactivity during live sessions doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. So how do you create a safe environment where the brightest speakers, speaking about the most sensitive topics, can use polling or voting tech to create more engaging seminars? Get in touch to learn a bit more about what the Celadin app can do.