The quest for paperless corporate events, powered by Celadin

Planning corporate events can be a stressful undertaking. So why make it more laborious, spending long hours folding paper leaflets and placing one on each and every delegate’s chair? It’s time your event went paperless.

Celadin’s ingenious app works as the ultimate communication tool and incorporates delegates into the planning process, thus making it easier for event organisers to focus on other key aspects of event management. Going digital means you can say goodbye to 80 man-days of repetitive work for your team as well as gain better-engaged delegates. How? Check out five ways event organisers and delegates can both benefit from running a paperless event.

1. Notification: Get all your important reminders in one place

Delegates tend to be bombarded with email confirmations, date reminders and important security information that sometimes go unread. No one likes to sieve through their inbox to find important dates or tickets. The Celadin app works as an information hub as well as an event check-list. Event organisers can now be sure that delegates have not only read all the relevant event material but have also packed important documents.

2. Attendance: Put away the clipboard and forget about head counts  

Making sure everyone gets on and off the bus can be tricky business. Flipping through sheets of paper on a clipboard whilst trying to find specific names can be tedious work. Event planners can now get access to our ontrack service, allowing them to easily onboard delegates using our innovative scanning solutions. Event organisers can now scan tickets in seconds.

3. Personalisation: One size doesn’t fit all

Events are normally filled with numerous seminars slots, so it’s absurd to think that every delegate has the same agenda. Therefore, standardised paper agendas are not only a waste of event resources but are very impractical. The Celadin app displays personalised messages specific to each delegate’s agenda. Event staff can now engage with individual delegates, an action that cannot be fulfilled using paper leaflets.

4. Up-to-date: Constantly make last minute changes

As soon as paper agendas are printed, they instantly become out of date. Now, delegates can opt in and out of seminars automatically using the Celadin app and agendas are updated every time. Event organisers are notified about changes and can inform event speakers of their updated audience figures.

5. Cost: Save thousands of pounds on management systems

Our research shows that the Celadin app not only reduces the workload for staff but reduces event costs equivalent to 80 man-days of event preparation. As costs are trimmed, event organisers can spend more time ensuring that delegates have a great paperless event experience.

If you’d like to know more about Celadin and how we support event organisers and speakers through technology, please get in touch.