The new onesolutions framework enables corporate events to receive the IBM treatment.

onesolutions by celadin

After 20 years of supporting IBM with some of the world’s most advanced tech solutions, events business Celadin is to open up a new set of products and services that promise to enhance VIP customer experiences.

“We wanted to make what we do is easy to understand, use and procure for the many events organisers who now approach us for the premium grade tech solutions that today’s most prestigious events require,” says Celadin’s Simon Walker.

Inspired by experiences acquired supporting IBM ’s events since 1998. The onesolutions framework comprises of these three services: oneboarding, oneplace and onetime. Event organisers can be sure that key messages are filtered through respective personnel when unforeseen problems arise. For example, the thunderstorm at the “Best of” event. Delegates are fully informed when unpredicted incidents arise and are promised a resolution immediately, unlike at some corporate events, as seen in the trade show in Cannes, France.

Using just one app, event organisers can seamlessly register attendees, monitor their actions and attend to their needs at any time using oneboarding. Event organisers can also use real-time data assessments to help run their events better in oneplace. In addition, onetime enables event planners to stay connected with attendees, ensuring that the feedback loop is closed and communicated easily throughout the team and changes are administered efficiently and effectively.

Our new onesolutions framework is centred around everyone at your event.

Our Services


It’s time to get rid of clunky onboarding processes and unintegrated systems and adopt a seamless registration process for your delegates. With oneboarding, delegates experience frictionless registering and gain access to regulated areas using their smart badges. Making it easier to track the seminars they attend, real-time reporting highlights which sessions have the biggest audiences so that popular seminars can be rescheduled, and events can continue to see a higher ROI.


Stay in the loop! Know when your delegates arrive, know what rooms are at capacity, get alerted to changes and account for your visitors’ movements at every turn, anytime. oneplace allows you to optimise hospitality and streamline logistics using more accurate visitor data. Data-driven assessments give you the technological know-how required for running your event smoothly.

Avoid nasty surprises and stay in control. oneplace leverages the dashboard’s deep analytics to gain and share insights within your team as well as measure ROI.


Is the room too hot? Are the sessions running over? Are the speakers boring? It’s time to get involved in the conversation and discover what your delegates are thinking. onetime ensures honest feedback is circulated amongst organisers during the event, allowing you to respond to incidents quickly. onetime leverages the event builder’s ability to create a unique experience for attendees and maximise their use of time at any event.

Our new onesolutions framework ensures that event organisers stay in control. Attendees are able to easily navigate the app’s services and customise their event experience accordingly. Delegates are in constant communication with their hosts and engagement is assured at every touchpoint.

Our events app is built to the exact specifications of your event using our onesolutions framework. We facilitate your business processes to deliver a unique solution to your unique requirements.

If you’d like to know more about Celadin and how we support event organisers through technology, please get in touch.