Manage events in real-time, not just after the fact

We know that dedicated mobile apps can help businesses manage all the admin hassles that come with large events: notifications, attendee lists, and locations. We also know that you can use those apps to analyse the data after an event to see who went where and when, providing insights into what your attendees want, need and think. But now things are getting even more sophisticated – and Celadin is at the forefront.

We recently created an app for a major global technology business that is running an in-house event. Many of its top salespeople would be attending and, most importantly, so are dozens of their biggest clients – CEOs and senior executives from some of the biggest brands in the world.

Rather than tracking attendees’ activity and interests after the event, it is vital to do so in real-time. Those salespeople need to know which areas are of the most interest to individual clients. So they can work with and advise them there and then, while the subject is fresh in their minds.

So, as well as all the usual technologies to keep the event running as smoothly as silk, we designed the app to hold information on the key areas the business is covering in its various presentations: everything from cloud and quantum computing to AI and blockchain. There are short articles inside the platform, plus links to more information on the business’s own website.

In real-time, the salespeople can access the app during the event and see what their clients are attending in terms of presentations, as well as which subjects are attracting their attention and are nearest and dearest to their hearts. This type of real-time analysis is valuable for any event organiser that needs immediate information on their attendees – not just what they’re doing, but what they’re thinking about.

Outside of the technology sector, imagine a toy manufacturer able to immediately see which products its retail partners are most interested in, or a consulting firm whose experts can see at a glance which of its service lines are of the most interest to clients for potential cross-selling.

Any event can use this app-based technology to provide invaluable data and insights to the organiser while it’s still happening, rather until waiting until later when interest might have cooled.

If you’d like to know more Celadin and how we continuously support event organisers through technology, before, during and after the event itself, please get in touch with us.