Going above and beyond: How Celadin makes each event a VIP experience

The team at Celadin work tirelessly at elite events around the globe, to make events smooth, to make events work and, most importantly, to make events a VIP experience.

When organising an event, more often than not, you should accept that issues may well arise. Perhaps a talk is oversubscribed, or a speaker is running late; maybe an attendee is having trouble accessing your app from her phone, or the polls you’re sending out aren’t reaching everyone.

What you shouldn’t do, is quietly accept that the problem has happened, or is going to continue happening, and merely promise and hope to fix it next time. I’m sure we’ve all been in a presentation where something has gone wrong and everyone in the room has awkwardly pretended that they’re ignorant of the issue. 

In these problematic situations, it’s imperative that you respond as soon as humanly possible to ensure your event keeps moving, and doesn’t come to a crashing (and embarrassing) halt. This is why it’s extremely important to have a team of specialists that can support you and aid in responding quickly.

When the experts are present on-site, issues can be addressed in a timely manner, and event-saving tech solutions can be delivered within mere hours, meaning your attendees can continue their VIP experience with minimal disruption.

A recent study by Eventsforce highlights the importance of using technology properly when planning and managing events. Almost half of all event planners who responded said that event technology plays a very important part in planning events, and more than 2 in 3 respondents were of the opinion that technological expertise is a key success factor for managing an event. 

This can lay a heavy burden on Event Managers & Planners, as the same study reveals that, alarmingly, under half of all respondents consider themselves ‘tech-savvy’. That’s why having a team of experts, like the team at Celadin, to support your tech needs can greatly remove the pressure of last-minute technological issues.

Making events run smoothly

A main hope for any event is to make sure that everything runs smoothly, even when it may not necessarily be running according to plan.

Imagine you’re running a series of talks at an event. Fifteen minutes before a talk is due to start in one of the smaller rooms, you notice it’s seriously oversubscribed. Well, first of all, don’t panic! At Celadin, we design our systems to ensure that dealing with this sort of situation is easy, but we know it helps to have a specialist team on-hand with the specific know-how available to fix it.

When event timetables and rooms need to be adjusted, having the right people there to make quick and easy changes can be a godsend. 

Making events work

Let’s face it: no matter how much preparation takes place in the run-up to an event, things can still go wrong. Every event will have a handful of attendees whose phones won’t properly load an app, for instance, or perhaps an issue arises with the notifications and some people aren’t being reminded about upcoming talks they’re booked in for. 

Celadin is equipped to deal with these tricky cases with relative ease. Having a team on-site to act in an agile and consultative fashion to fix a wide array of tech-related problems ensures each attendee experience remains uninterrupted and everyone stays in the loop.

Glen Masters, Chief Technical Officer at Celadin, recalls a time when a VIP arrived at an event and revealed that his company’s phone policy meant he couldn’t download the event app. With Glen on-site, this problem had an easy fix: he took all the information from the app and made a printable document from it, so the guest could navigate all the activities taking place.

When you’re able to be responsive to tech issues as they arise, you can keep your event on track and retain participant engagement. 

Making events VIP

As event-tech experts, we at Celadin believe in going above and beyond to meet stakeholder expectations and deliver the VIP experience. Attendees get one-on-one assistance when they need it, and the team will be on standby to make sure that everything is done to the highest professional standard. 

Furthermore, the apps that Celadin produces for the events-space can act as a hub for all the necessary information surrounding any event, and is updated in real-time.

Adding truly bespoke technology experiences in the events-space can add a touch of magic to any professional event, and Celadin is dedicated to crafting unique out-of-the-box solutions, even when responding to on-the-day surprises. Celadin achieves this by embedding themselves with the planners from day one, and supporting them as much as needed throughout the entire journey of planning and managing event-tech. 

During one event, the organisers ran into a problem – they planned on printing off a picture list to identify attendees, but they had no idea how to make sure every relevant staff member had a copy, or what to do about updates to the list.

Glen had the solution to all their issues. Within just a few hours, he produced an app which organised all the pictures of attendees into an easy-to-view grid format, viewable on both mobile and tablet alike. As a result, event staff were able to scroll through these pictures and easily identify people. 

This sort of consultative approach and bespoke, quick-fire problem-solving, combined with the technical know-how of an on-site support team, is a sure-fire way of ensuring attendees receive first-class assistance, whilst enjoying an exciting and unique event experience.

Do you think attendees at your events should be given the VIP experience no matter what happens? 

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