How can event technology help keep your business relevant in an increasingly fast-paced environment?

You’ve probably noticed that the use of online polls at business events is becoming increasingly common: ‘What did you find most interesting?’, ‘Which talk was the most memorable for you?’ or ‘What’s your opinion of X?’. Although the use of polling platforms is adding a new level of interactivity to business events, these technologies have a wider wealth of untapped potential.

We live in a fast-paced digital world where the life-cycle of products and services is getting shorter and the demand for customer-centric development is ever-growing. The future of interactive events and quickfire audience polling lies in gathering invaluable insights directly from those who know your product best: the VIP customers you’ve gathered in one venue. Let’s say you’ve assembled a whole host of experts in your field, distinguished people at the highest levels of their respective organisations – now’s the time to make use of their collective knowledge and insight by sending quickfire, snapshot questions straight to their phones.

‘Here are four things we’re planning on developing on our product over the next year: Which of these would you want us to roll out ASAP?’ 

‘We’re thinking of adding this feature to our systems, would this be an asset? How big an obstacle would this feature help you overcome?’ 

When companies are talking to their biggest customers, the ability to capture data in rapid snapshots provides the necessary tools for product development teams to ensure their product is being shaped in line with market expectations. These raw insights can be gold dust to businesses able to act in an agile way to incorporate customer desires into their product development.

Tapping into the raw data available from event technology during business events and forums can revolutionise the way in which your organisation remains relevant in an ever-changing, fast-paced, competitive environment.

Interested in gaining access to immediate insights from your top customers? Get in touch to learn more about what the Celadin app can do for you. And if you’re curious about how event technology can be made digitally secure, read our previous blog on how event tech can help handle some of the most sensitive business issues.