About Us

We are the business trusted by IBM to create phenomenally engaging experiences for VIP delegates worldwide.

Event managers and planners depend on our event management systems to deliver perfect visitor experiences for the world’s most discerning delegates.

Simon Walker

Simon has been pioneering advances in event systems technology for over 20 years. As a senior advisor, he has helped events organisers worldwide successfully deploy new technologies that power unique, more rewarding visitor experiences for top executive level delegates.

Glen Masters

Glen has been helping the events industry deploy and leverage new technologies for over 10 years. His deep understanding of systems development, architecture and integration has helped establish Celadin as one of the industry’s most ambitious innovators.

Working with events organisers to deliver high quality, mission-critical, secure solutions, Glen and Simon help blue chips produce exceptional digital experiences for VIP audiences attending some of the world’s most prestigious corporate events.


Wherever technology can add value to your event, we deploy it. Whenever technology can help us create new, more engaging event experiences we create it.


As technologists, we see new applications coming online first. That means our services develop as soon as new technologies make exciting change possible.

As innovators we harness the latest tech advancements to pioneer event management services that delegates never forget.

And as professionals we make sure that that from contactless badges and mobile apps to positional tracking and inventory systems, the smart tech we use is supported by industrial cloud based data stores with built in security and resilience.