5 creative ways Celadin’s event tech can be used to make your next corporate event a success

Imagine how much more creative you could be if you didn’t have to worry about the logistical basics that keep most event planners up all night. Monitoring attendance, circulating feedback, scheduling agendas or even updating speaker rosters. These are some of the routine but time-consuming tasks that the Celadin’s event tech makes quick and easy. With fewer admin tasks to worry about, what will event planners do with all the extra time?

Here are five ways savvy event planners and speakers can get creative with our tech, to deliver unforgettable experiences at the corporate seminars and expos they run.

1. Icebreakers: How to fix that awkward silence when great speakers open up their Q&A session

We’ve all been there. A great speaker delivers a really impressive presentation. They’re psyched, energised and ready to get fired into some great audience questions. But when they open up the Q&A there’s a vibe-killing awkward silence. Few hands go up, event staff run around erratically to give audience members the microphone. So, that really stimulating question that’s going to light up the entire session doesn’t get aired. That means the shy person at the back doesn’t like being in the spotlight. Chances are, a lot of people have burning questions but might be too scared to speak up. Celadin’s onetime feature takes the fear and awkwardness out of question time.

The advanced Celadin app allows delegates to type up their questions and share them with speakers in real-time. Delegates can choose to stay anonymous or can disclose their names alongside their question.

There is nothing worse than thinking of an intelligent question then forgetting it as the seminar goes on. In onetime, delegates can share their light bulb moments instantly. onetime also enables speakers to judge the audience’s understanding of the topics discussed, allowing for an illuminating conversation between speaker and delegates and putting engagement at the centre of corporate events.

2. Get a captive audience every time

You’ve spent countless hours on animations to make sure you keep your audience engaged. Then you notice some talking, checking of watches or, worse still, some delegates in the front row on their phones apparently more interested in Twitter than what’s being said in the room. If only you could somehow tap into that obsession we all have with our mobiles these days! What if all that swiping and tapping was for you?

One simple step to captivating your audience is to talk about topics that are relevant to the group you are addressing. There is no point harping on about a topic that no one cares about. You can lose the attention of your audience instantly if you choose a topic that doesn’t resonate with those you’re addressing.

So, imagine if you could choose a topic that your audience is interested in learning more about every time you give a talk. Celadin’s onetime allows attendees to vote for their favourite topic. The topic with the most votes is then presented. Speakers can bypass irrelevant topics and have meaningful attendee-centric seminars. Attendees become more engaged and speakers are confident in the content they have chosen to share.

3. Attendees become your dedicated focus group

If you think you are on the verge of a groundbreaking idea, often the only way to see if that idea has legs is to tell a friend, ask a colleague or go to the expense of a focus group. Using the polling feature in Celadin’s onetime app, you can now share your latest business ideas to an unbiased audience and find out what people really think.

onetime empowers attendees to act as a focus group, sharing invaluable opinions and analysing business strategies. It is now possible to identify opportunities that haven’t been explored in a conducive environment. Speakers can find out if they are underselling the value of their service and if they should charge a premium. There is a clear benefit to getting a different pair of eyes and ears evaluating your strategy.

4. Make every event more successful than the last

Have you ever been to an event and realised that the event organisers didn’t do their homework because the people to room ratio is way off? The room is either too cramped or you can barely hear the speaker because they are stationed too far away. It never instils confidence in speakers for them to be presenting to just a few attendees sparsely dotted around a big lecture hall.

Celadin’s onboarding notifies event organisers with exact arrival times and attendee registrations in real time, permitting event organisers to optimise the size of every seminar room before guests arrive. Smaller seminar groups can adopt a collaborative room layout using round tables or, for bigger seminar groups, a larger lecture hall with sufficient windows can be utilised.

It’s important to keep your audiences comfortable in order to maintain high levels of engagement. So being able to deliver real-time agenda changes to delegates is so useful. When additional people sign up to attend workshops, last minute room or auditorium changes soon become necessary: It’s the kind of thing that causes confusion and stress to your most important delegates.

Celadin’s real-time updates build confidence in delegates because it tells them about any last minute agenda changes as soon as they occur, long before they need to make their way to any session’s location.

5. Go above and beyond to delight guests

Start looking after your VIP guests as soon as they land! Nothing says you care like being met at the airport and chauffeured to a corporate event. Celadin’s oneplace gives event organisers access to invaluable data about attendees, enabling event organisers to go the extra mile in delighting their guests at every touchpoint. Corporate events can now add another level of value for delegates.

If you’d like to know more Celadin and how we support event organisers and speakers through technology, please get in touch.