How to get more and better feedback from your event attendees

Some reports suggest that a 30-50% response rate for post-event feedback is normal, and that 70% is pretty good. Something that provides a rate of 97% has to be worth looking into, wouldn’t you agree?

Celadin recently created a mobile app for IBM. This was used at a sales strategy event for several hundred senior executives from around the globe. The usual information (agendas, speaker bios, etc.) was collated. Although, attendees also highlighted the specific sessions they attended.

The entire event was paper-free, the first time IBM had done so. Saving costs and allowing it to change details in real-time rather than printing out reams of new agendas. And most importantly, it included a few tailored feedback questions after each individual session.

The value to the business was evident: immediate, real-time feedback that enabled the company to create its sales strategy for 2019 in a way that integrated accurate views from executives from across the globe. And the response rate was an astounding 97%.

What could other organisations learn from this to improve their own post-event feedback?

1.Make the feedback as personally relevant as possible – IBM asked people tailored questions based only on the specific sessions they attended. No-one was asked to rate the sandwiches!

2. Keep it short – the app only asked attendees 3-4 questions after each session. No-one had to spend 90 minutes answering a four-page questionnaire.

3. Real-time responses – executives were given several days to respond, those who wanted to reply immediately, while the session was fresh in their mind, could do so through the app. IBM could then access and publicise that feedback during the event itself in real-time.

4. Ask the right questions – the attendees had a vested interest in making the feedback timely and accurate. They were the ones who would have to drive the ensuing sales strategy forward.

A lot of organisations host large events with VIP and executive attendees. Getting their feedback in a timely and efficient manner can be the difference between a pointless session and a great one. Event apps can now ensure that organisers capture the information they need at the right time and in the right place.

If you’d like to know more Celadin and how we support event organisers through technology, please get in touch.